Give St. Louis a Boost in Community Moral
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StLouis (1)St. Louis is a beautiful metropolitan area located in Missouri and right off the Mississippi River. It attracts people from all over the world, both because of it being one of the top 20 metropolitan areas and the fact that people are always drawn to the mighty Mississippi River. One of the major industries within St. Louis import and exporting and a lot of this is done via the Port of St. Louis which takes up 19.3 miles of the mighty river’s bank. Is it any wonder that the people who call it home have lost the ability to see the beauty of this beautiful river? Perhaps there is a way to remind them.

Improve Community Moral in St. Louis

Residents often take the area that they live in for granted. They may wish that the area were cleaner or that certain things would change, but they lose sight of how to make it happen and what they are working for. The most popular tourist areas in the world have people who live and work in them and they may wonder why people want to visit that area. This should not be the case and it does not have to be that way in St. Louis.

By giving the residents something special for being a resident of St. Louis, you will boost their desire to be a bigger part of the community. All it takes is a simple reminder of its history and show them again how beautiful the area is.

How to Bring the Spark Back to St. Louis

One easy way to achieve a boost in moral would be for some of the boat touring companies to offer free Mississippi River tours to residents of the area. The people who may work on the river will have the opportunity to look at with a new appreciation. People who do not work on the river, but spend their days working and just surviving will be able to take their family on a tour that will teach them the history and natural beauty of the river.

When the people who call St. Louis home are able to see what others, what visitors and tourists see, they will gain a new desire to keep the area beautiful. This will make them want to become more involved in other community activities as well and in the end will help make St. Louis not only a place for happy tourists, but a place for happy residents.

MarineDeckChairsGive a Little, Gain a Lot 

Residents want to know they are appreciated. They want to know that without them, St. Louis wouldn’t be as great as it is. If you can give them a tour, they will enjoy life in the big city again. Offer them a quality experience, on a beautiful boat that has all the necessary equipment to keep it running smoothly. A few necessities to ensure top notch operations are marine solar panels, a marine VHF radio, and of course life vest for every passenger. Show them that if they were not here, visitors wouldn’t come, and you owe them a beautiful tour. It is a simple acknowledgement that without them, you would not have a quality boat and the equipment you do, because no tourists would come. Can you think of an easier or better way to gain a higher moral amid the people of St. Louis?

These tours will be at their height in the summer time when vacation travel is up as well as the temperature. Few people will want to get on the mighty Mississippi in the dead of winter. Therefore to cut cost it may be best to winterize the tour boat when not in use. Don’t know how to winterize a boat? No problem, it is relatively straightforward and again can save the city some big money with preventative maintenance.


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