Backyard Weddings

Backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular and I can’t help but thinkPinterest might be a big influence of this. This brilliant social media website has sparked a creative streak in females all over the globe as they carefully create their perfect wedding day and future dream home, practically making all women domestic goddesses with the amazing recipes and organization tips at every click. Nonetheless, many couples have transitioned from the $50,000 weddings to more traditional, backyard wedding where they create their own décor rather than paying someone else to do it. Backyard weddings are a great idea, not only if you are on a budget, but to really give your wedding day your own touch, which is more difficult to do in a large church or park. Many banquet and reception halls also require you to use their catering, cake and alcohol services which keep your options limited and your bank account stressed. While backyard weddings might actually be more hard work, you and your bank account will appreciate it so much more when your big day is finally here.

The first thing you want to consider is how many people you intend to invite, and the amount of space you have to host. If you’re home is not big enough, seek out a friend or family member and ask for a favor. There are always people that aren’t going to be able to make it so you can give yourself some leeway, just not too much. You want your guests to feel relaxed and have room to move about. You will also need space for food and tables, as well as a dance floor if you wish. Most backyard weddings average 40-50 guests, but this will also depend on the size of the space you are working with.

One of the best things about having a backyard wedding is that the menu is entirely up to you. I’ve seen everything from BBQ themed menus to taco buffets and fish fries. It doesn’t have to be fancy, although it can be if that’s more your style. Whether you hire a catering company, or have your family take care of the food, just remember most people will be happy just getting a meal. I say keep it casual so that your guests are comfortable and it’s easier on your budget. The same goes for alcohol as well, if you choose to have alcohol at your wedding. You know what kind of drinkers your friends and family are. If you are primarily beer drinkers, maybe skip the cocktails all together and have a couple of kegs serving draft beers in a mason jar. Alternatively, you can offer an array of craft beer that they would likely appreciate much more than champagne anyways. There are ways to class up the bottles by adding a customized label celebrating your nuptials. The goal here is that the food and drinks should appeal to you and your guests.

The amount of decoration, themes and colors for wedding ideas is endless. Hit up your local craft stores, get your girlfriends together and get to work. Making centerpieces and wedding favors can be a blast. You don’t have to have each table look identical either. Have each friend be in charge of creating a theme for each table and watch it all come together beautifully by using the same color theme throughout. You want your wedding to reflect you and your groom’s personality. If you’re not into fancy, toss it out the window! It doesn’t have to be all about glamour and glitz. Make this day your own.

The most essential part of planning your wedding is keeping your guests entertained, whether you hire a DJ, live band or make your own playlist. If you hire a band or DJ, do your research. Make sure they will interact with the audience and make it fun for everyone. You don’t want your wedding to be the most boring party of the year. Making your own playlist can definitely save you money, but be prepared to have someone making announcements throughout (i.e. when food is ready, announcing the bridal party, first dance, etc.). Moreover, make sure you have good quality outdoor speakers that will reach all of your guests. It is probably wise to invest in a good set of outdoor speakers, like the Klipsch AW650’s in the event of bad weather. Leave cameras throughout your reception area so that everyone will help capture the moments of your wedding day while you are busy enjoying it. A photo booth is a fun way to capture the pictures as well, however, a bit more expensive than, say, disposable cameras.

The only problem with a backyard wedding is that you cannot control the weather. Therefore, it is always best to have a backup plan. If rain or bad weather hits with short notice, be prepared to move the party indoors, whether it be your house or someone else’s. The last thing you want is for everyone to leave before your big day is over, especially after all of the work that you’ve put into it. Take all steps necessary to prepare for bad weather, as if it will actually happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry!



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