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Welcome to the website of the Grove Community Improvement District. Please browse our site to learn more about the Grove CID, located in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri

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Give St. Louis a Boost in Community Moral
StLouis (1)

StLouis (1)St. Louis is a beautiful metropolitan area located in Missouri and right off the Mississippi River. It attracts people from all over the world, both because of it being one of the top 20 metropolitan areas and the fact that people are always drawn to the mighty Mississippi River. One of the major industries within St. Louis import and exporting and a lot of this is done via the Port of St. Louis which takes up 19.3 miles of the mighty river’s bank. Is it any wonder that the people who call it home have lost the ability to see the beauty of this beautiful river? Perhaps there is a way to remind them.

Improve Community Moral in St. Louis

Residents often take the area that they live in for granted. They may wish that the area were cleaner or that certain things would change, but they lose sight of how to make it happen and what they are working for. The most popular tourist areas in the world have people who live and work in them and they may wonder why people want to visit that area. This should not be the case and it does not have to be that way in St. Louis.

By giving the residents something special for being a resident of St. Louis, you will boost their desire to be a bigger part of the community. All it takes is a simple reminder of its history and show them again how beautiful the area is.

How to Bring the Spark Back to St. Louis

One easy way to achieve a boost in moral would be for some of the boat touring companies to offer free Mississippi River tours to residents of the area. The people who may work on the river will have the opportunity to look at with a new appreciation. People who do not work on the river, but spend their days working and just surviving will be able to take their family on a tour that will teach them the history and natural beauty of the river.

When the people who call St. Louis home are able to see what others, what visitors and tourists see, they will gain a new desire to keep the area beautiful. This will make them want to become more involved in other community activities as well and in the end will help make St. Louis not only a place for happy tourists, but a place for happy residents.

MarineDeckChairsGive a Little, Gain a Lot 

Residents want to know they are appreciated. They want to know that without them, St. Louis wouldn’t be as great as it is. If you can give them a tour, they will enjoy life in the big city again. Offer them a quality experience, on a beautiful boat that has all the necessary equipment to keep it running smoothly. A few necessities to ensure top notch operations are marine solar panels, a marine VHF radio, and of course life vest for every passenger. Show them that if they were not here, visitors wouldn’t come, and you owe them a beautiful tour. It is a simple acknowledgement that without them, you would not have a quality boat and the equipment you do, because no tourists would come. Can you think of an easier or better way to gain a higher moral amid the people of St. Louis?

These tours will be at their height in the summer time when vacation travel is up as well as the temperature. Few people will want to get on the mighty Mississippi in the dead of winter. Therefore to cut cost it may be best to winterize the tour boat when not in use. Don’t know how to winterize a boat? No problem, it is relatively straightforward and again can save the city some big money with preventative maintenance.

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Backyard Weddings

Backyard weddings are becoming more and more popular and I can’t help but thinkPinterest might be a big influence of this. This brilliant social media website has sparked a creative streak in females all over the globe as they carefully create their perfect wedding day and future dream home, practically making all women domestic goddesses with the amazing recipes and organization tips at every click. Nonetheless, many couples have transitioned from the $50,000 weddings to more traditional, backyard wedding where they create their own décor rather than paying someone else to do it. Backyard weddings are a great idea, not only if you are on a budget, but to really give your wedding day your own touch, which is more difficult to do in a large church or park. Many banquet and reception halls also require you to use their catering, cake and alcohol services which keep your options limited and your bank account stressed. While backyard weddings might actually be more hard work, you and your bank account will appreciate it so much more when your big day is finally here.

The first thing you want to consider is how many people you intend to invite, and the amount of space you have to host. If you’re home is not big enough, seek out a friend or family member and ask for a favor. There are always people that aren’t going to be able to make it so you can give yourself some leeway, just not too much. You want your guests to feel relaxed and have room to move about. You will also need space for food and tables, as well as a dance floor if you wish. Most backyard weddings average 40-50 guests, but this will also depend on the size of the space you are working with.

One of the best things about having a backyard wedding is that the menu is entirely up to you. I’ve seen everything from BBQ themed menus to taco buffets and fish fries. It doesn’t have to be fancy, although it can be if that’s more your style. Whether you hire a catering company, or have your family take care of the food, just remember most people will be happy just getting a meal. I say keep it casual so that your guests are comfortable and it’s easier on your budget. The same goes for alcohol as well, if you choose to have alcohol at your wedding. You know what kind of drinkers your friends and family are. If you are primarily beer drinkers, maybe skip the cocktails all together and have a couple of kegs serving draft beers in a mason jar. Alternatively, you can offer an array of craft beer that they would likely appreciate much more than champagne anyways. There are ways to class up the bottles by adding a customized label celebrating your nuptials. The goal here is that the food and drinks should appeal to you and your guests.

The amount of decoration, themes and colors for wedding ideas is endless. Hit up your local craft stores, get your girlfriends together and get to work. Making centerpieces and wedding favors can be a blast. You don’t have to have each table look identical either. Have each friend be in charge of creating a theme for each table and watch it all come together beautifully by using the same color theme throughout. You want your wedding to reflect you and your groom’s personality. If you’re not into fancy, toss it out the window! It doesn’t have to be all about glamour and glitz. Make this day your own.

The most essential part of planning your wedding is keeping your guests entertained, whether you hire a DJ, live band or make your own playlist. If you hire a band or DJ, do your research. Make sure they will interact with the audience and make it fun for everyone. You don’t want your wedding to be the most boring party of the year. Making your own playlist can definitely save you money, but be prepared to have someone making announcements throughout (i.e. when food is ready, announcing the bridal party, first dance, etc.). Moreover, make sure you have good quality outdoor speakers that will reach all of your guests. It is probably wise to invest in a good set of outdoor speakers, like the Klipsch AW650’s in the event of bad weather. Leave cameras throughout your reception area so that everyone will help capture the moments of your wedding day while you are busy enjoying it. A photo booth is a fun way to capture the pictures as well, however, a bit more expensive than, say, disposable cameras.

The only problem with a backyard wedding is that you cannot control the weather. Therefore, it is always best to have a backup plan. If rain or bad weather hits with short notice, be prepared to move the party indoors, whether it be your house or someone else’s. The last thing you want is for everyone to leave before your big day is over, especially after all of the work that you’ve put into it. Take all steps necessary to prepare for bad weather, as if it will actually happen. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


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Fourth of July BBQ Essentials

The Fourth of July is just around the corner in America and for Americans this is a holiday which is widely celebrated. July 4, is the date which marks the anniversary of the independence of the Unites States of America. Every year celebrations include BBQs, fireworks, boats, pools, and all things outdoors. This can be an absolute blast for everyone to enjoy, but ensuring you have just a few of the Fourth of July essentials can enhance everyone’s experience.

A majority of Fourth of July activities are celebrated outdoors. After all the Fourth take place in the heart of the summer in America. Outdoor celebrations have been going on just as long as our history and this is a distinct feature of the holiday. Families from all across the land will gather to fire up the grill, cook burgers and hot dogs, and enjoy the company of close friends. Therefore, having a quality grill is of utmost importance to accommodate the holiday. The debate of gas vs charcoal will go on indefinitely, and surely there is no right or wrong. Whichever you prefer gas or charcoal, the presence of some sort of grill will be a staple of celebrating the Fourth of July.

Coolers, coolers, and more coolers; it will almost be impossible to be in public on the Fourth of July in America without seeing a cooler. Between the backyard cookouts and firework display shows, you are pretty much guaranteed to see your fair share of coolers. All Independence Day celebrations will need at least one cooler to keep drinks and food cool. Coolers come in all shapes and sizes and of course prices. Coolers can range from a few dollars all the way up to several hundred dollars for the high end Yeti and Pelican models. Nonetheless, having some sort of device to keep drinks cool in the heat of the summer will be a top holiday priority.

Some of the best Independence Day celebrations take place around some sort of water. Lakes, rivers, oceans, pools, wherever you can find a place to cool off, there will sure to be holiday makers. If you live on or near a body of water, having rafts for people to use is an essential. You will find rafts for sale at almost any grocery or super market. Buying a cheap raft is just one way to add even more fun to the celebration.

You can’t celebrate Independence Day without fireworks. Usually a few weeks to a month before the Fourth of July, tents will begin popping up on street corners across America. These tents will sell countless variations of fireworks. Fireworks can even be purchased at the same grocery store you pick up your cookout supplies and maybe even that raft we recommended! Many cities across America will host a fireworks display show on or shortly before the Fourth of July. Most of these displays are professionally prepared and will last up to an hour long. The smaller tents which sell fireworks are for use at home. This allows everyone to put on their own show to display their gratification towards the independence of the United States of America.

Because most of the activities surrounding the Fourth of July take place outdoors, having your outdoor area prepared for visitors is a necessary holiday essential. A majority of those hosting Fourth of July celebrations take great pride in the setup up the event.  Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, planting new flowers are just a few of the tasks that at likely to take place in preparation of Fourth of July celebrations. However there are a few lesser known items which can be purchased to improve any outdoor gathering.

A propane mosquito trap will help to eliminate the pests that thrive during outdoor events. No one likes mosquitoes feasting on them while they are trying to enjoy their own feast of delicious festive food. A propane mosquito trap works to eliminate mosquitoes before they even have the chance to attack humans. There are now many different outdoor games to be played. Ladder ball, corn hole are just a few games which provide hours of entertainment. Having outdoor games will increase the likelihood that all patrons of the celebration will get up and interact with each other. We all know how there are those that definitely do not want to be at a family function, but having something which entertains those individuals helps to improve their experience. Lastly, assuming a propane mosquito trap was not purchased, having bug spray handy during any outdoor function will help to make everyone a little more pleasant. Getting attacked by mosquitoes, noseeums and whatever other pesky insects there may be out there is a surefire way to ruin a good outdoor time.

With the fireworks, coolers, and delicious food accounted for, almost anyone can make a good time out of the Fourth of July. This is a great day to celebrate the freedoms that the United States of America provides to its’ people. The Fourth is a day to be grateful for all those freedoms that we have, and there is no better way to show appreciation than by gathering with friends and family who also share the same gratitude. We hope that with preparing with the brief list of Fourth of July essentials outlined above helps to make everyone’s celebration a fun and safe time.


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Top New Bikes to Check Out

A bike enthusiast is quite familiar with the name – Eduardo Bianchi. Bianchi bikes are among the oldest bicycle manufacturers in the world. Truly, these bikes are associated with so many renowned cyclists and have earnestly earned its honor and prestige for proven track record and performance. Without a doubt, the Bianchi Vertigo 105 is one good bike you should own in 2014.

Bianchi is so irresistible with its carbon monocoque frame plus the C2C geometry designed for to experience unmatched comfort. It’s handsomely-designed, you’ll always have the heads turning on your way with this bike.

The Specifications

Frameset: Carbon monocoque

Fork: Carbon fork, aluminum steer

Gears: Shimano 105, 10-speed

Chainset: Shimano 105, 50/34

Seatpost, Brakes, Bars and Stem: Reparto Corse

Wheels: Shimano WH-R500

Tires: Hutchinson Equinox2

Saddle: Powered by San Marco Ponza

Sizes: 49, 51, 54, 57 and 60 centimeters

Weight: 18.96 pounds or 8.6 kilograms

Quoted by top magazines and advertisers, Cervelo bikes are world’s best hybrid bikes ever ridden. Wow, what a big word. Let’s take a quick look on one Cervelo model to see. How about Cervelo R3? Did you know that there are 220 magazines who quoted this bike as the best? The Cervelo R3 is optimized for its definitive high stiffness to weight ratio. What does this mean? It says that R3 bikes are very stiff but they are extremely lightweight. So, when it comes to speed, R3 could be the king.

Cervelo come with sought-after bike quality and unmatched performance and the best choice when it comes to streamlining, stability and aerodynamics. Do you want to take a closer to Cervelo R3’s specs? We have it listed for you.

Frame: Squoval carbon tube shapes

Fork: FK30 SL, tapered 1-3/8

Headset: Cane Creek IS3

Seatpost: 3T DORICO Team

Front and Rear Derailleur: Shimano Ultranegra 6700

Crankset and Bottom Bracket: FSA BBright

Brake Calipers: SRAM Rival

Shifter, Brake Levers, Cassette, Chain: Shimano Ultranegra 6700

Wheels: Fulcrum Racing T

Handlebars: 3T Ergonova Team

Stem: 3T ARX Pro

Tires: Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick

Price: $3,200

As popular as its price tag, the Trek bikes have been around since 1970s. Trek Bicycle Corporation is among the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world renowned to produce high quality bikes especially for mountaineering. Trek Domane 6.9 model for an instance, is one luxurious bike at 7000 Euros or around $6200 to $6,900. Every biker who test ride this bike can’t help but raise their thumbs up when it comes to bike performance, stability and comfort level. The only negative feedback is that it probably makes some bikes envious.

The Incredible Specs

Frame: 600 Series OCLV Carbon, compatible with DuoTrap, IsoSpeed

Fork: Domane IsoSpeed carbon, E2 asymmetric steere

Sizes: 44, 47, 50, 52, 56, 58, 60 and 62 centimeters

Colors: White and liquid red

Wheels: Bontrager Race X –lite tubeless

Tires: Bontrager R3 Hard-Case, 700 by 25c

Shifters: Shimano Dura Ace STI, 11-speed

Brakeser, Front and Rear Derailleur: Shimano Dura Ace, Braze on (front)

Crank and Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace, 50/34 (Crank), 11-28, 11 speed (cassette)

Saddle: Bontrager Affinity Race X-Lite, carbon

Handlebar and Stem: Bontrager Race X-Lite IsoZone, OCLV Carbon, 31.8 mm

Headset: Cane Creek IS-8, stainless cartridge bearings

Grips: Bontrager Gel Cork Tape

Accessories and Add-ons: Vanishing fender mounts

If you want to complete your set, you may also buy a pair of RXXXL road shoes, and oracle bike helmet and a duotrap digital cadence sensor.

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The Essentials Needed for Home Improvement

Do you want to sell your house at a good price? Well, get your pens and notes ready. You can do a lot to improve your asset’s market appraisal by doing some home improvements. But don’t get too excited. Be cautious in applying the best strategies to get your buyers nod. Remember, not all home improvements can give you as much return on investment profit. Almost everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. Probably, you would wish to discuss the good side first.

Home Improvements: The Pros

If you are the buyer, would you prefer a box type house over a fully furnished one considering not much difference in cash value? Definitely not, right? Foremost, when your home is well kept, improved in all sense, it will definitely sell itself. Yes, you heard it right. This way, you may not need to commission a real estate agent to sell your house. It helps a lot especially if you are after of selling something in a rush.

On contrary, home improvements will also attract some real estate agents in case you need someone who can market your property. Just a bit of marketing touch taking into account their experience and knowledge, your property will be sold in no time. But then, the market price can be slightly higher than if you have it directly sold.

Furthermore, these improvements will count as years pass by. Unlike appliances, real estate properties do not depreciate. In fact, you may not even realize that its value have doubled after some time. And with the right combination of the best home improvement techniques, you will find this investment resulting to reasonable margin of profit.

Although most of home owners improve their properties for more profitable reasons, some people may have other motivations of doing so. Home improvements keep the properties in good condition. Also, others just feel good about doing it. After all, we spend almost half of our lives in our homes. There are few good reasons of making it look better.

Secrets of Home Renovation

When thinking of renovation, of course you would consider the needs of your family. Bigger family size requires room extensions, larger living room space, etc. If you don’t have area for expansion, at least you can make a suitable floor plan to maximize the space.

Next, start everything right by listing details. Avoid getting overboard from what is originally plan. Set a budget limit and strictly follow it. If ever you decide to hire contractors to do the job, always check the details of the contract. Before buying any material make sure to check out garage door opener reviews first. Complete payment should only be done after the renovation. Otherwise, if it is a big investment, it is also wise to keep a portion of payment as a form guarantee in case of back job or any job related glitches.

Hire a professional to help you with the exterior and interior design. If not, you may check for free home style plans from the web or home style publications. There are also companies that offer free home graphic design in exchange of valuable purchase.

And before you forget, some states may require permit for renovation. Be sure to deal with that before you start working with your project. Unless you work with professional contractors, they usually take care of this matter for you. In addition to these, you may also like to consider putting up a home security system. A modern facility like this will surely protect your hard-earned investment from unauthorized entries and theft.

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